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IDC brings together top executives and business professionals to generate new vision for your company and your projects. Tap into the power of third party perspective and reap the best results possible for your organization.


We enable:

  • Business Start-up
  • Business Expansion
  • Business Acquisition
  • Project Implementation
  • Marketing Plans
  • Public and Private Partnerships
  • Government Projects

Our consulting teams are passionate about results and have impacted businesses at all levels. Every business can benefit from the insight of a new perspective of someone from the outside looking in.

Our people are experts in their respective disciplines: professionalism and integrity are fundamental to our corporate culture.

Our consultant team will set out the objectives, measures, and milestones. Throughout the engagement process, a team leader will remain in contact with your organization’s point of contact person to ensure that your expectations are being fully met.

Our Method:

We operate a network of content experts who deliver their exclusive capabilities to the mission. Our expertise ranges from research and analytics to logistics, and can be structured to encompass multiple industries and geographies. Through a combination of in-house and remote involvement, we operate as an integral part of our clients’ team, and play critical roles in developing new knowledge and building new assets.

Our Social Impact:

The firm is committed to social impact and demonstrates this by its support to various causes. The firm’s CEO – James Orin Ogle gave birth to a social mission that will use the firm’s intellectual, financial and network power to develop a new generation of entrepreneurs and executives. From Internship to Ownership is a straight path career mentoring method, that will provide ambitious persons an opportunity to learn, earn, and achieve an ownership stake in a project or company to which the project intern commits his or her time to build. More about FITO here.