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Client Acquisitions

Our client support teams source and negotiate the purchase of businesses, companies, properties, and other significant assets for IDC clients. Client support specialists also identify good investment opportunities that might meet the investment appetite of our corporate investors.

Sample of clients served:

  • Start-up Tech companies seeking capital.
  • Investment Companies looking to invest in promising technology companies.
  • Private equity company seeking A and B class Income producing real estate.
  • Foreign Airline Lease of B737-300
  • Investment Company seeking investment opportunities in energy, and infrastructure.

Contact Client Acquisition Specialists.


Client Trade

We are direct suppliers of the following commodities:

  • Rice
  • Lumber


We are a direct supplier/agent/licensee/distributor  of the following equipment:

  • Modular oil refineries
  • Cement Trucks (Hi Tech Mobile mixers)


For more information and to receive product descriptions and product samples Contact Product Representative.