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Intercompany project development talent that transform your ideas and goals to success tasks.


Leveraging relationships with larger technical and capacity partners we provide clients dynamic results.

Oil & Gas Investment Opportunities

Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Company Culture

I’ve worked for a Fortune 500 Company for the past 22 years, 12 of those years managing projects and delivering ICARE principles (Integrity, Customer Centered Accountability, Respect, and Excellence). When I branched out on my own, I needed a company that could deliver on the same principles not promises and IDC is such a company.

Theresa Appawu
Managing Director/Business Development
Our clients and our technical and capacity partners collaborate on a daily basis to bring good business ventures to life. The IDC professional associate is our greatest asset with team spirit we work tirelessly to meet each client’s project goals
James Ogle

Our Proven Project Development Process Produces Results

1. Assessment

In person and online discussions, information sharing, and exchange of ideas.

2. Proposals

Detailed Plans, human resources requirements and budget mandates properly papered.

3. Agreement

Meeting of the minds, signing formal agreements, payment of applicable fees.

4. Performance

Due diligence studies, reports, brand building, collateral and financing commitments.

5. Funding

Funding Closes the project development phase, and triggers construction phase of project.

Opportunities for → ownership, partnerships, joint ventures, equity participation: → Qualified Inquiries Only!

With Prudence, Creative Thought, & Sheer Determination We Produce Results